Having been in the agriculture industry for nearly two decades now, Agro Mahligai was incorporated in Malaysia in 2002 as a private limited company under the name of Agro Mahligai Sdn. Bhd. Its primary focus is to contribute growth specifically for the domestic and regional agricultural industry among its many fortes that include providing the end-to-end solutions for agricultural businesses and sourcing agricultural products for the clients.

Since its establishment, Agro Mahligai has found a myriad of successes through collaborating with the industry connoisseurs including that of expert agronomists, plantation advisory service centres and data collection departments in order to assist our clients meeting their plantation needs and managing their estates. Along the journey, we too, have continuously reinvented ourselves through the actions of installing high-tech equipment and adopting modern ideas and methods in order to fit the ever-changing needs of the ever-evolving agricultural industry.

Moving in a tight-knit, and devoted team who shares the values and goals, Agro Mahligai’s primary asset comprises of dedicated sales consultants and professional experts with years of industry experience. Additionally, these same individuals who would help conduct precise data collection during operations, are also the ones who emphasize the importance of maintaining professional relationships with our dedicated clients by encouraging on-going communication to achieve the highest standard of performance. Therefore, the move of providing before and after-sales services.

We’re a great believer about how the power of sharing knowledge could bring shared success. Hence, we aid our clients by linking them with our other clients as the means to expand their networks whilst exchanging knowledge among one another. Not only that, we also provide training and demo to our clients regarding both theoretical applications and on-the-job trainings. Our training programs consist of the real- situation and hands-on plantation practices which are completely monitored and trained by the professional experts. After solid 18 years of joining the force in contributing to the growth of Malaysia’s agricultural industry, we’re proud to mention that Agro Mahligai has successfully found itself becoming an international player and supplying its products throughout Malaysia and the neighbour country, Indonesia. Today, we are known as a reputable agriculture company in Malaysia with the headquarter office being based in Perak.

Tn. Hj. Ahmad Zawawi bin Mustafa — Executive Chairman
Mission Statement
  • To continuously bring innovations and solutions revolving agricultural industry.
  • To thrive as one of the main exporters and suppliers of agricultural inputs within the Southeast Asia market.
  • To become the most customer- centric organisation that maintains long-lasting, professional relationships with the clients.
  • To function as a one-stop centre where the curious, and like- minded individuals gather to source their agriculture necessities using the available sources, shared knowledge and experiences at once contribute growth to the agricultural industry.